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Millennials Are Killing Capitalism

Mar 6, 2018

Da'Shaun Harrison is a student at Morehouse College studying Sociology and African-American Studies. He is a Black Queer organizer and abolitionist in Atlanta, GA, where he also has the privilege of serving as Editor-in-Chief of the newly-founded digital publication, Queer Black Millennial.
We talk to Da’Shaun about the time period in which he went from mainstream to more radical politics, his involvement with the first major protest against Hillary Clinton with #AUCShutItDown during the 2016 election cycle.

Da’Shaun talks about his time as a sex worker, while being homeless after coming out to his family and how these experiences shaped his praxis as an organizer and a writer.

Da’Shaun talks about Rainbow Capitalism and Pinkwashing in relation to Israel and the US and how the limited notions of what queer liberation looks like within mainstream lesbian and gay organizing has lead Da’Shaun to embrace a more anti-capitalist politic.
Finally we talk to Da’Shaun in-depth about his piece “The Black barbershop is both toxic and intimate for cashed Black men,” and the reactions to it.