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Millennials Are Killing Capitalism

Dec 28, 2017

In this episode we caught up with artist, organizer, educator, and writer Devyn Springer to talk about the work and legacy of Walter Rodney. Devyn also spoke about the Rodney family and the Walter Rodney Foundation and the work they do in Atlanta. Josh and Jay asked Devyn about how he utilizes Rodney's pedagogy as a teacher and organizer, what Rodney's most important contributions were, and Rodney's theory of development and underdevelopment. 

Devyn Springer is an Atlanta-based artist, writer, organizer, and educator with a background in African & African Diaspora studies and a concentration in Art History. He is the editor at, a digital media platform which focuses on uplifting marginalized voices, as well as assistant editor of two peer-reviewed academic journals, South and ATL. You can purchase his poetry/art book "Grayish-Black" on Amazon, follow him on Instagram @HalfAtlanta.jpeg, and see some of his visual art at

You can learn more about Walter Rodney and the Walter Rodney Foundation at