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Millennials Are Killing Capitalism

Sep 5, 2021

In this episode we interview Ray Luc Levasseur. During his time underground Levasseur was a purported member of the United Freedom Front, and the Sam Melville Jonathan Jackson Unit. Prior to that Levasseur organized in several above ground formations, including the Southern Student Organizing Committee (SSOC), Vietnam Veterans Against The War, and SCAR.

We talk to Ray about his early life, and the influence of his experience in Vietnam on the development of anti-imperialist politics and commitments. 

He also shares his first incarcerated organizing experiences in Tennessee. And we have brief discussions of his time in SSOC, Vietnam Veterans Against The War, and SCAR.

After that we discuss Ray’s time underground, and the claimed activities the Sam Melville Jonathan Jackson Unit and the United Freedom Front. 

Specifically he discusses IBM’s involvement in Apartheid, and the targeting of the military and prison industrial complexes by those underground groups. 

We end with a discussion of Ray’s time in Marion and the refusal there by Levasseur and other political prisoners to build weapons for the federal government. Ray also shares thoughts on his experiences during 13 years of solitary confinement at Marion and later at ADX. And discusses why small acts of generosity and care on the outside can mean a great deal to people experiencing extreme repression. 

He leaves the discussion with several ways folks can get involved in supporting political prisoners. We will include links in the show notes for folks who want to get involved in that necessary work.

One quick urgent note, political prisoner David Gilbert goes before the parole board this month. He needs letters of support. They must be submitted by Wednesday September 8th at 6pm Eastern Time. Please go to to get full details on the process and do that for him. 

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Get involved with:

Sundiata Acoli (he needs his petition signed!)

Jericho Movement

Spirit of Mandela Tribunal

Anarchist Black Cross Federation

Write to Jennifer Reznicek

Support Eric King

Check out Freedom Archives for ways to support political prisoners, and also for their amazing archives of radical movements, which including communiques from the UFF.