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Millennials Are Killing Capitalism

Mar 24, 2022

***Video version now up on Black Power Media***

Earlier this month Brooke Terpstra from Oakland Abolition and Solidarity and Jared Ware convened a brief course that we titled Journalism for Liberation and Combat. At the heart of the course was the question: How do we cultivate revolutionary culture? Further we looked at the specific intersection of media or cultural production and revolutionary organizing.  Over the next couple weeks we will be sharing audio versions of all of these sessions. We will also be working with Black Power Media to release the video versions of these discussions over there over the next couple of weeks, the first one could premiere as soon as this Friday. What you will get here is lightly edited audio. The videos do often include visual aids. In addition to this there is a syllabus for this course which we will link in the show notes, that includes all of the readings we asked course participants to complete along with participating in the classes themselves. We encourage folks to do this course on their own time ideally with folks they organize with or work on radical media work with or maybe both. 

Our guests for this series include:

Jared Ball from IMIXWHATILIKE and Black Power Media, 

Too Black from Black Myths Podcast, Black Power Media, and The Last Dope Intellectual

Erica Caines from Black Alliance For Peace & Hood Communist

Kelly Hayes from Truthout & Movement Memos

Brian Nam-Sonenstein from Shadowproof and Beyond Prisons

Brandon Soderberg (coauthor of I Got A Monster: The Rise & Fall of America's Most Corrupt Police Squad)

And Jared Ware (MAKC) and Brooke Terpstra (Oakland Abolition & Solidarity)

In this conversation there’s a little bit of an introduction from myself and Brooke just giving you some background on the series, and then you will hear Jared Ball’s presentation Journalism, Internal Colonialism, and Emancipation. In this session, Jared Ball will cover a summary of internal colonialism theory as context for emancipatory journalism. He will define and exemplify emancipatory journalism and he will discuss the rise and current state of the media/journalism environment in these so-called United States.

At the close of his presentation, there is a Q&A session where Jared Ware, Brooke Terpstra, and coco ask Jared Ball some introductory questions. coco the comrade who joins us, is a conscious New Afrikan who engages in prisoner solidarity work along with political education & New Afrikan resistance, currently they host the Nkrumah study group we’ve been running.

For folks looking specifically for Jared Ball’s presentation it starts at 29:45 seconds. The first roughly 30 minutes here are Brooke and me discussing the Journalism For Liberation & Combat series as well as this episode.

This was a collaborative process and so I encourage you to contribute to, join or follow any of the organizations involved in putting this together - whether they do media work or organizing work - for us the easiest way to do that is by becoming a patron of the show at