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Millennials Are Killing Capitalism

Nov 3, 2023

This is a slightly edited audio version of one of the MAKC livestreams we’ve hosted on our new Youtube channel. We will continue to polish the audio versions of those livestreams and release them as episodes here as well. Due to the amount of labor that goes into making them viable audio podcast episodes there will be a little bit of a delay on that. In the meantime I of course encourage folks to check them out on our YouTube channel and we will play with ways to get audio versions, perhaps even unedited audio versions to our patreons in a more timely manner. Please bear with us as we attempt to meet the importance of this moment with the livestreams and balance that with maintaining the catalogue for our podcast. 

I will just note that prior to October 7th we already had 12 episodes of unreleased audio episodes so we will begin to get back to releasing some of those starting next week as well. As far as the livestreams the next one which we will release a properly edited audio version of will be our conversation with Fred Moten, which you can currently watch on Youtube.

This conversation is an episode we recorded with the creators of Decolonize Palestine, Rawan Masri and Fathi Nemer from Ramallah in the West Bank. This conversation was recorded on October 19th so any description of current events or predictions made must be understood from that moment in time. It is our duty to continue to resist the genocidal onslaught that the United States and Israel have unleashed upon the Palestinian people, in particular the people of Gaza. I will be in DC tomorrow for the national march, which is a small act, but I look forward to being in the streets with hundreds of thousands of you tomorrow. 

We will include links to many of the websites and groups they highlighted in the episode. In some cases they were responding to questions posed by folks in the chat so to that full experience you can watch this stream on YouTube.

Another note you can now become a member of our Youtube channel. This will have some perks, basically very similar to being a patron of the podcast. Also we are in the process of finalizing our next study group and will have details on that for Youtube members or for patrons of the show very soon. You can become a patron of the show for as little as $1 a month at

On a more urgent note, there are many ways mentioned in this episode which you can also support Palestinians directly in this time from a humanitarian perspective. In these times of severe crisis caused by the US government and western support for Israeli settler colonialism and its genocidal expressions, there are urgent needs there and there are links where people can support those efforts. See below:

Medical Aid for Palestinians

Palestine Children’s Relief Fund



"'Operation Al Aqsa Flood' was an act of decolonization" by Rawan Masri (we discuss this piece in the beginning of the episode).

This was released after our episode, but expands on themes Fathi touches on in the discussion: "The world would rather show solidarity with our corpses than honor our resistance" - Fathi Nemer

Decolonize Palestine & other political education materials:

Decolonize Palestine

Decolonize Palestine Myth Database

Support Decolonize Palestine

Institute for Palestine Studies

Palestine Film Institute 

Discusses martyr Heba Zagout (mentioned the podcast)

Palestine Action US Launches to join global campaign to Shut Elbit Down - YouTube episode