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Millennials Are Killing Capitalism

Oct 25, 2021

This week’s special report, features Hassan M. Hassan is a scientist and writer. He is a contributing editor for the Peoples Anti-Colonial Press and co-host at TheKulture.TV, a new weekly anti-imperialist roundup. He is currently researching the relationship between dialectical materialism and the history of the philosophy of science.

In special reports, we interview journalists, activists, scholars and organizers on shorter pieces. These might be essays, articles, short stories or even poems. “Special Reports” will be typically shorter than our full episodes, ranging somewhere between 30 minutes and an hour and will have a limited focus. Our goal with these is to talk about current events and ways that people are analyzing and seeking to intervene in them. 

In this episode Hassan joins us to discuss his recent piece published on entitled “American Patriotism Or National Liberation.” In the piece, and in this discussion Hassan analyzes the question using the method of dialectical materialism and specifically takes up the question of where people and nations oppressed by US imperialism especially Black and Indigenous folks fit into the vision of “Patriot Socialists.” 

As a reminder, with the addition of these special reports we’re hoping to increase our content to about 6 episodes a month. If you want to support our ability to do this please contribute to our patreon if you are able to do so. 

In the photo collage is a piece of original artwork by Shenby @leftaesthetic (on Instagram)