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Millennials Are Killing Capitalism

Jan 22, 2021

In this episode we interview Dr. Bedour Alagraa. Alagraa is an Assistant Professor of Black Political and Social Theory in the department of African and African Diaspora Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. Currently she’s working on a manuscript entitled The Interminable Catastrophe: Fatal Liberalisms, Plantation Logics, and Black Political Life in the Wake of Disaster.

We center our discussion with Bedour around her recent publication in Offshoot Journal, What Will Be The Cure?: A Conversation with Sylvia Wynter. From there we delve into some of Wynter’s life and scholarly work. Along the way we talk about some of the important influences in her thinking, including other luminaries within Black Caribbean Radical Thought. 

We also touch on Alagraa’s writing on the Sudan, her manuscript The Interminable Catastrophe, and the series Black Critique at Pluto Press, which she edits along with Dr. Anthony Bogues.