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Millennials Are Killing Capitalism

Aug 30, 2023

In this episode we interview Cappy, an organizer from In response to massive state repression during the George Floyd rebellions, Uprising Support is a website that was founded by a small group of folks who have a background in doing anti-repression organizing and education. Three years after the George Floyd uprising many people are locked up behind the walls for taking bold action amid the largest mass protests of many of our lifetimes. 

We really encourage everyone to listen to this episode, it’s a great practical discussion about organizing, about anti-repression work and its relationship to political prisoner support and abolitionist organizing. There are many valuable lessons for people engaged in prisoner support work of any kind, but also to newcomers, and to people who organize in other areas where repression is ultimately inevitable if you are organizing in any way that challenges the state or capitalism. 

Along the way Cappy talks about anti-repression work as memory work. As a mode of becoming more effective as organizers, as a way of extending networks of care, and a method of building resilience in our organizations and movements. 

You can check out the website at and get involved.

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