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Millennials Are Killing Capitalism

Dec 8, 2022

[photos in the collage were taken by Guy Smallman, Callum Ford, and Martin Pope or otherwise found on Palestine Action's social media]

In this episode we interview co-founder of Palestine Action, Huda Ammori. Ammori has organized against British complicity in the colonization of Palestine and against British  support for the Israeli colonial apartheid regime in historic Palestine for years now. Palestine Action is an organization born out of that struggle. One that recognizes the need to take direct action approaches. Their core campaign, is the campaign to Shut Elbit Down (#ShutElbitDown). Elbit Systems is Israel’s largest privately-owned arms company. It’s largest single customer is the Israeli Ministry of Defense. 

In this episode Ammori shares some of her organizing history, her experience exhausting the modes of redress available through lobbying and protest, and the rationale behind Palestine Action’s targeting of Elbit Systems. It is noteworthy that while Palestine Action has targeted Elbit in the UK, that there are a number of Elbit Systems facilities in the US, and that in addition to the deplorable and brutal violence that they enact in occupied Palestine, they are also a major contractor for Border Patrol and components of the US-Mexico border wall. 

This is a great conversation about an important ongoing campaign and we hope folks will listen in for ways they can act in solidarity and to consider some of the tactical and strategic considerations Ammori talks through as well. It is noteworthy of course that the British legal system is different from the US legal system, so obviously nothing that’s discussed here should be considered legal advice. But the general point that Ammori makes about the difference between the legal and military framework that Palestinians are subjected to in Palestine versus the legal systems within the imperial core is still an important strategic consideration for movements that seek to be in solidarity with people in Palestine. 

Make sure to check out Palestine Action’s website and follow them on social media to stay current with their campaign, and their legal cases and to look for ways to support and get involved. All of which we’ll discuss further in the episode and include some links in the show notes.

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