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Millennials Are Killing Capitalism

Nov 6, 2017

For this episode we interviewed Chad Chavira.
Chad is the lead organizer for #NoNazisAtUF, the student led organization that protested Richard Spencer’s speech at University of Florida back on October 19th. Chad is also an organizer with Dream Defenders and a junior at the University of Florida, studying Political Science and Sociology.
We talk to Chad about organizing on a college campus with a particular emphasis on all the planning, mobilization, and political education efforts he and his comrades put into Gainesville's confrontation with Richard Spencer. Josh talked to Chad about the pros, cons, and challenges of mobilizing large groups of liberals in anti-fascist spaces in areas where there are not enough leftists to confront fascist speakers. 
Chad also talked about non-violence, self-defense, and his stance on nazi punchers and nazi huggers alike.
We also talked more broadly about organizing strategies for student movements and antifascist movements. Finally, we got the chance to talk with Chad a little bit about what his work with Dream Defenders has meant for him and what he’s learned by being a part of their organizing efforts and campaigns in Florida over the past couple years.