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Millennials Are Killing Capitalism

Mar 26, 2022

This is session 2 of Journalism for Liberation & Combat. If you missed session 1, Journalism for Liberation & Combat was a mini-course that Jared Ware (Jay from MAKC) helped convene along with Brooke Terpstra who is an organizer with Oakland Abolition & Solidarity. We worked closely to put this together with Jared Ball from imixwhatilike and Black Power Media, and with a number of other radical journalists who you will hear from throughout the series. 

Brooke Terpstra titled Session 2: “From Survival to Winning - Hegemony and Liberation on the Ground.” Both Brooke and Jared Ware cover the presentation in this session and the Jared Ball returns for a Q&A answering questions from the participants in the Journalism for Liberation & Combat course on the heels of Session 1 which Jared Ball gave the main presentation.

This conversation is really about making the concepts of culture and hegemony real for folks and about sharing a media struggle from the coverage of the Prison Strike in 2018 which Brooke and Jay were very involved in as members of the Prison Strike Media Relations team for that action. There is a brief introductory conversation from Brooke and Jay on this session, and there is a lengthy Q&A with Jay, Brooke and Jared Ball at the end of the conversation.

These sessions took place over zoom, and you can watch this session in its totality over on Black Power Media (session 1 also!) which is a great channel on Youtube with tons of amazing content from a Black Left perspective. 

There was also a syllabus to the course, which we recommend you check out.

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