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Millennials Are Killing Capitalism

Mar 30, 2022

This is the 3rd session of Journalism for Liberation and Combat.

This session is hosted by Too Black. Too Black is a poet, member of Black Alliance For Peace, producer of The Last Dope Intellectual Podcast, and host of The Black Myths Podcast on Black Power Media. He is based in Indianapolis, IN.

This session focuses on The League of Revolutionary Black Workers newspaper work as a living example and case study for the examination of emancipatory journalism. In this episode Too Black breaks down comparisons of The South End under the editorship of John Watson in comparison with the coverage of the same events by The Detroit Free Press. This juxtaposition illuminates the possibilities of emancipatory journalism in practice. Shout out to Austin McCoy for sharing examples of articles from The South End with us for this presentation.

Too Black also discusses the work he and his co-hosts do over at the Black Myths Podcast and the process they use to engage and debunk popular myths. Finally Too Black touches on methods of corporate counterinsurgency.

Too Black’s presentation is followed by a Q&A from the Journalism for Liberation and Combat course participants. In the Q&A Brooke Terpstra from Oakland Abolition and Solidarity and I begin a conversation with Too Black about prisons and profit that we continue during an episode of IMIXWHATILIKE that came out this past Monday March 28th. 

There’s a brief introductory conversation by Brooke and me. As we ground the discussion within the overall context of the Journalism for Liberation and Combat seminar series.

All of the Journalism for Liberation and Combat sessions have video versions as well and you can find those on Black Power Media, we’ll provide a link to the playlist with all four sessions in the show notes. This particular session has a decent length powerpoint presentation with examples of articles from The South End so it is beneficial to watch it over on BPM.

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