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Millennials Are Killing Capitalism

Feb 3, 2024

For this episode I’m joined by Haydar of The Resistance Report which is a podcast that was launched after October 7th by a Palestinian news organization known as the Al Falasteniyeh Media Network or AFMN.

In this discussion we talk to Haydar about AFMN, their approach, their media work including The Resistance Report, and their efforts to uplift the analyses of Palestinians from Palestine to those in the diaspora. We talk a little bit about their analysis of the resistance’s position and of the unfolding genocidal depravity of the zionist occupation in Palestine. We talk about the suppression of AFMN as an outlet which has attempted to set up offices and develop correspondents in Gaza. We also get into a little bit of a discussion of episode four of theirs which is entitled Al-Araj’s Echo, Guiding Modern Resistance, which highlights the life and contributions of Bassel al-Araj to the Palestinian Resistance.

We encourage folks to check out their work for yourselves and if you like what they’re doing support their work. We will include links to listen and support them in the show notes.

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Now here is our interview with Haydar of The Resistance Report