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Millennials Are Killing Capitalism

Oct 18, 2023

This is a special announcement.

Given the critical nature of the Palestinian Liberation struggle in this moment. 

We have made some quick shifts. As we announced on patreon this past weekend we have launched a YouTube channel where we will hold multiple weekly livestreams. Those conversations will eventually be available through the podcast stream as well, but for now you can find them at

Make sure to check our page out there, subscribe to our channel, which you can do free of charge, and when you watch videos make sure to click the like button and turn on notifications and all that good stuff. I feel silly saying all of that, but it will help the channel be successful and reach more people, and enable us to grow and bring you even more work. We’ve been planning to make this transition for a while, which is why we’ve been collaborating more via live streams and things of that nature. 

We decided to launch now, given that there is so much misinformation and disinformation around the Palestinian liberation struggle against the US and Western Europe’s sponsored settler colonial outpost known as Israel. We don’t want to overstate our role in that struggle, the real struggle is in the streets, it is in organizations, it is locally in the west against our own governments and institutions, and primarily it is on the ground in Occupied Palestine. But we do think that we can play an important role in utilizing our platform to help people gain ideological clarity and orient our thinking as we engage in physical struggle as well as ideological struggle with those around us. 

So far this week we have already hosted two conversations over there. The first one with Max Ajl is an uncompromising perspective of the Palestinian Liberation struggle and why it must be supported and indeed why we must see it as part of our own struggle for the world we want.

We also hosted a livestream with Morgan Artyukhina on Zionism, Judaism and Genocide where she demystifies some common misconceptions and also talk a little bit about Far-Right Nationalism and Christian Zionism. 

Hopefully both of these are useful conversations in breaking down propaganda, demystifying the current situation, and ideologically clarifying the importance of this current moment and the struggle for decolonization in Palestine. We’ll include links to both of these conversations in the show notes for this special announcement.

Tomorrow, October 19th at 10 AM ET the co-creators of Decolonize Palestine, Rawan Masri and Fathi Nemer will be joining us live from the West Bank. These are two amazing comrades that we hosted on the podcast back in 2021. We’ll be talking to Rawan about her latest piece “‘Operation Al Aqsa Flood’ was an act of decolonization.” And we’ll also be discussing the latest developments in Occupied Palestine and in the region. We will include a link to this livestream in the show notes. If you miss it you can replay it at any time on our YouTube page.

If we can work it out we will also have a live stream on Saturday so again make sure you head over to that YouTuge page and subscribe and turn on notifications or become a patron and you’ll get all the episodes emailed to you whether they are audio podcasts or YouTube videos. 

Lastly I will say that many of our current patrons and a few new folks have helped us start this endeavor up by increasing their pledges or joining our patreon for the first time. And a few folks have also made one-time contributions. We greatly appreciate that support. If you are able to support our work, but haven’t yet or used to be a patron and have taken a break, we can definitely use the support. In order to sustain this we will likely have to add some additional support to our team and we will need more resources to make that possible. You can support our work at


Tomorrow’s Live Stream with Decolonize Palestine

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Zionism, Judaism and Genocide with Morgan Artyukhina

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‘Operation Al Aqsa Flood’ was an act of decolonization” by Rawan Masri