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Millennials Are Killing Capitalism

Dec 27, 2021

This is part two of our two part episode with three of the contributors to On Necrocapitalism: A Plague Journal, which is available from Kersplebedeb and you can find that at

On Necrocapitalism was collectively authored by a writing group known as M.I. Asma which included J. Moufawad-Paul, Devin Zane Shaw, Mateo Andante, Johannah May Black, Alyson Escalante, and D.W. Fairlane. 

In this conversation we speak with Alyson Escalante, J. Moufawad Paul and Devin Zane Shaw. 

In part two we continue our discussion of pacification and capture in response the historic rebellions of 2020 and the related crisis in the ruling class. We also get into some discussion of unequal exchange, the ongoing climate crisis, and settler colonialism as a material relation of capitalism in the US & Canada, rather than just as a moral wrong. Along the way we get into some of the nuanced differences in the racial regimes in the US and Canada. We talk about some events since the Biden election, from liberal pacification, to the declining ranks in movement work, and the ongoing danger posed state support for settler vigilantism among the far right. And we ask the authors if they predicted the weird re-emergence of so-called proletarian patriotism in the imperial core.

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Link to Part 1 (and links to more work from Alyson Escalante, J. Moufawad Paul and Devin Z. Shaw)