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Millennials Are Killing Capitalism

Jun 15, 2020

In this episode we speak to five of the creators and authors of 8 To Abolition. Which is an abolitionist response to the police preservationist platform 8 Can’t Wait. Since launching 8 to Abolition has become a viral phenomenon and served along with the popular demands of Defunding Police and Defending Black Life to serve as a key conversation piece and political framework for community-based discussions around police violence and police abolition.

We talk to Nnennaya Amuchie, Rachel Kuo, Eli, Micah Herskind and Reina Sultan.

Nnennaya Amuchie is a diehard Black left genderqueer feminist and abolitionist, communist, organizer with Black Youth Project 100, published writer on police violence, and an attorney working to build movement lawyering infrastructure. They believe in a joyful and pleasurable future without police and prisons, where reproductive justice is actualized.

Rachel Kuo is a scholar of race, digital technology, and social movements. She is a co-founder of the Asian American Feminist Collective. 

Eli is a community organizer from New York working with Black trans led initiatives invested in learning and helping create tools for community building and survival. From creating spaces for Black trans men and masculine people to explore masculinity and manhood using a Black feminist and womanist framework to crowdfunding for Black trans people Internationally, Eli is invested in building through love and self-accountability.

Micah Herskind is an Atlanta-based organizer and writer. 

Reina Sultan is a Lebanese-American Muslim journalist and organizer.