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Millennials Are Killing Capitalism

Mar 21, 2024

In this episode we interview Tammy Kovich and El Jones to discuss the book Antifascism Against Machismo

Published by our good friends at Kersplebedeb, and described as 

An intergenerational dialogue on the meaning of feminist antifascism.

Anti-Fascism Against Machismo collects and continues a conversation begun by Tammy Kovich (as “Petronella Lee”) in 2019. Four feminist, antifascist revolutionaries jump off from each other’s reflections and bring the particularities of their varied contexts to bear on one central problem: What has and will a women’s war against fascism look like?”

We pick up this conversation with Tammy Kovich who wrote the original zine upon which the book is constructed as well as El Jones who wrote the introduction. The book itself also includes contributions from Veronica L and from the late great Butch Lee who became an ancestor in 2021, and who we all spend time honoring in this conversation.

Among other things we discuss different variants of fascist or far right patriarchy and misogyny, the problems of the politics of representation and neocolonialism, and histories of the resistance of women in antifascist movements including in Ethiopia, Yugoslavia, and Spain.

I will add that we recorded this conversation back in August, and I am sure that if we had recorded it after October 7th we would have talked about what an antifascist war against zionism might look like and the contributions of women and children in the Palestinian struggle against genocide.

We very much appreciated this book and encourage folks to pick it up from Kersplebedeb’s retail arm which is It is currently 40% off for the month of March along with over 400 titles at their online bookstore.

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