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Millennials Are Killing Capitalism

Apr 25, 2018

This week we’re really excited to bring on Sankofa Brown. We talk to him about Black Radicalism, the appeal of Liberalism, armed self-defense, socialist organizing, and the urgent need to build revolutionary praxis.
As a speaker, organizer, and writer, Sankofa Brown fights to raise consciousness across the globe. Growing up in Kinston, North Carolina he learned the impact of inquality and injustice, After seeing several friends fall victim to street violence and the prison industrial complex, Sankofa decided to dedicate his life to social change. 
Sankofa is an engaging public speaker, and provides daily commentary on social issues dealing with race, class, and gender on twitter @SankofaBrown.
Currently, Sankofa is a PHD student studying sociology at North Carolina State University where his research interests include Marxist Theory, Critical Theory, and Black Political Thought. He is also an affiliated researcher at the Center for Housing and Community Studies at University of North Carolina at Greenboro.