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Millennials Are Killing Capitalism

Oct 15, 2021

For this special report we talk to Jon Ben-Menachem. Jon is a researcher and journalist, currently working on his PhD in Sociology at Columbia University, where he researches political economy and punishment. As a journalist he’s published on policing, incarceration and austerity for The Appeal, Slate, Shadowproof, Current Affairs, Truthout and New York Daily News.

Today we invite Jon on to discuss his latest piece “What Media Gets Wrong About Last Year’s Uptick In Murders” which was published at Slate. There’s been a deluge of local and national media copaganda pushing for more cops and increased police budgets since the George Floyd protests and calls to defund police and abolish police that came along with them. It’s important to disrupt these copaganda narratives, and we thought Jon’s piece is helpful in that effort.

The "Special Report" is a new segment where we interview journalists, activists, academics and organizers on shorter pieces. These might be essays, articles, field reports direct from organizers and/or incarcerated people, short stories or even poems.  These interviews will be typically shorter than our full episodes, ranging somewhere between 30 minutes and an hour and will have a limited focus. Our goal with these is to talk about current events and ways that people are analyzing and seeking to intervene in them. Sometimes - as with this episode - there will be contradictions raised that we aren’t able to resolve neatly, but need to be grappled with. 

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