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Millennials Are Killing Capitalism

May 21, 2023

This episode is focused on the campaign to free Sundiata Jawanza.

Sundiata Jawanza is a New Afrikan, abolitionist and human rights activist currently incarcerated in the South Carolina.

Today we have four guests, Audrey Bomse and Jenipher Jones both co-chairs of the Mass Incarceration Committee of the National Lawyers Guild, Darren Mack of Prison Lives Matter, and Roc, the Jailhouse Lawyers Speak Housing Program Coordinator. 

In this discussion J shares a bit about the Sundiata Jawanza’s freedom campaign, a bit about the case itself, and primarily we focus on a political discussion of Sundiata Jawanza’s work in part discussing his individual contributions, but primarily through the political work that he and his comrades have done through Jailhouse Lawyers Speak. As part of that discussion, we also discuss the overall importance of jailhouse lawyers to the legal education and opportunities at freedom and defense of human rights within US prisons. 

We want to ask all of our listeners to please get involved, to connect with Sundiata Jawanza, and to support his freedom campaign by writing the parole board on his behalf. Full details on how to do that can be found at

To learn more about Jailhouse Lawyers Speak.

People can write JLS by mail at: 


PO BOX 673

MERCER, PA 16137

Or email or

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