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Millennials Are Killing Capitalism

Aug 28, 2021

In this episode we interview SNCC veterans Jennifer Lawson and Dorothy Zellner. This is our second conversation with SNCC veterans we encourage folks to listen to this along with our conversation last year with Jennifer Lawson and Charles Cobb Jr. 

SNCC is about to host it’s 60th Anniversary conference, you can register at We encourage folks to do that and connect with these amazing veterans of the Black Freedom Struggle.

In this conversation we talk about communications work as an aspect of SNCC’s organizing, interfacing with the press, communicating with community, and elevating stories of resistance and struggle. 

We talk about the climate of imminent danger that organizers navigated and confronted together, touching on the Freedom Summer, the Lowndes County Freedom Party, segregation, anti-communism, solidarity with Palestinians, and the 1964 Democratic Convention.

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Music for this episode is provided by JayOhAye (former two time guest of the show), from his new album Pride.

Here is the piece Dorothy Zellner references, that she recently wrote about Palestine.

Hands on the Freedom Plow is also referenced in the conversation.